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For many vapers, temperature control is an obscure concept. From the very beginning, it was perceived as a technology that could revolutionize the functioning of electronic cigarettes. This option, which is today found in most electronic mods has not met with the expected success. On paper, the temperature control is a real step forward. As a reminder, the principle of temperature control is as follows:

An electronic mod is equipped with an ohmmeter (a device capable of measuring the impedance of a resistor – its numerical value). Some materials used in the different resistive wires have variable impedance depending on the temperature of the material.

By analyzing the impedance variation thanks to its ohmmeter, the electronic mod is able to interpret the temperature of the resistive wire. In other words, through the reading of the impedance, the resistor works like a thermal probe. The temperature control allows the user to specify a threshold (the maximum temperature). The mod automatically interrupts heating when the resistance reaches the specified temperature.

Limiting the heating avoids any significant temperature spike, and thus extend the life of the resistance by maintaining the thermal constraints below a controlled threshold. A dry resistance heats abnormally and the mod will interrupt the heating immediately if the supply of liquid is insufficient. This significantly reduces the risk of heating the dry wick and accidentally burning it. From the creativity point of view, the temperature control is a major innovation.

The best sub-OHM tanks

Choosing the best clearomizer or the best sub-OHM tanks 2018 is essential to ensure the quality of vape that meets the needs and expectations of the vaper. In the jungle of new releases, it can be daunting to pick the ideal model. The clearomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette that can vaporize the e-liquid. It works with disposable resistors. In general, all vapers go through the clearomizer stage before switching to the rebuildable atomizers.

Aspire brings smart innovations that make sub-OHM tanks easy to use thanks to convenient and efficient top filling. In addition, this clearomizer does not leak and the rendering of flavors is excellent.

On the other hand, the Melo 4 comes with two resistors in 0.3 and 0.5 ohms for use in aerial vape between 30 and 100 W depending on resistance. It is therefore designed for experienced vapers who like vape by direct inhalation and large volumes of vapor. The product is easy to use and delivers good vape by direct inhalation. It has an excellent capacity while remaining relatively discreet and it is available at an affordable price.