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A Brief Overview Of Vaping

Tobacco smoking has been around for centuries now. However, the methods and mannerisms of smoking have greatly changed over the years. Indeed, the smoking industry has had to adapt to technological advancements to satisfy the ever-changing consumer demands. In 2007, the first electronic cigarette was unveiled. Since then, vaping has slowly caught on especially among urban populations in the Americas and Europe. This piece seeks to provide an overview of what vaping is all about.

Vaping explained

During vaping, the user inhales then exhales an aerosol, also known as vapor, via the mouthpiece of an electronic cigarette (E-cig). E-cigs are battery-powered devices that mimic how traditional cigarettes work without actually burning tobacco. The vapor is generated when the e-juice is broken down by heating through a heating component contained in the vape pen.

What are the side effects of vaping?

Despite the misconceptions surrounding vaping as an alternative to cigarette smoking, the health risks and side effects are not fully known. In fact, vaporizers have been used to assist smoking addicts to kick the habit because vaporizers have lower nicotine levels than conventional cigarettes. Also, there has been a wide application of marijuana vaporizers for medical purposes. Patients experiencing chronic pain are allowed to use marijuana vaporizers to enable them to deal with the pain.

What is contained in the e-liquid?

Generally, the e-liquid in a vape pen will contain propylene, glycerin, nicotine, water and a range of flavors. In some cases, marijuana can be included as a medical prescription. The reason why vaping is perceived to be safer than traditional tobacco smoking is that the e-liquid in e-cigs contains less nicotine than the conventional cigarette.

What is a vape pen, mod or vaporizer?

A vape pen is simply an electronic cigarette. Its design allows it to be held by hand and used in a similar manner as the cigarette. The basic features of a vape mod include a battery, a heating column, and e-liquid container. However, with modern mods, you get the ability to adjust temperature, sub-ohm and wattage. These features are meant to improve the overall user experience.

How do vape mods work?

During vaping, the battery powers the heating component which in turn heats and breaks down the e-juice into an aerosol. The user then inhales the vapor then exhales it to derive satisfaction. Some devices are activated by pressing a button on the side while for others taking a puff will suffice.

Purchasing a vaping kit can be a daunting task especially for beginners. Do your research and seek the opinion of a vaping expert before buying any vape pen. However, you can’t go wrong with kits from renowned manufacturers such as SMOK, Kanger, and Sigelei.

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